Dean Family Dental

September 29

Happy National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day! No better way to celebrate coffee than to explore what teeth whitening options our office has to offer. We all love our coffee in the morning and throughout a dreary cold day, but we understand that it’s one of those beverages that leaves a bit of a stain on our teeth.…

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August 24

Dentistry is Essential Healthcare

 As we are still navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic, we wanted to reach out and let you know that we care about you and we hope you are doing well. We are still working to reschedule all of our patients who have not been seen in the past 6 months for a preventative dental cleaning.  If…

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May 12

Happy To Be Back!

We are happy to be back with our patients after many weeks of closure due to the pandemic. We truly missed our patients and our work throughout this time. We want you to know thatwe are taking extra precautions during this time to assure all patients and employees are healthy and stay safe. If your…

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February 13

Temporary Dental Hygienist

One of our most loved hygienists is having a baby! We are all super excited to welcome another little one to our extended work family. While Liz is home in the initial months nurturing, loving, cuddling and being mom we are looking for a dental hygienist who would like to pick up anywhere from 1…

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October 23

Dental Hygiene Month

Celebrating National Dental Hygiene Month It’s not everyday that we thank our dental hygienists for all the hard work they do for their patients. Day in and day out they bring energy, knowledge, skill, tired backs and the utmost care for their patients! A BIG “THANK YOU” to Liz, Mallory, and Pam! Dental Hygienists do…

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September 30

September is National Gum Health Month!

What’s so great about your gums and gum health? Your gums help to stabilize your teeth for a lifetime of a healthy smile! Without proper gum health one may develop periodontitis, an infection in the gum tissue that can lead to loss of permanent teeth and further overall health issues. Scary! So, we have some…

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August 22

New Signage!

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May 23

Vacation Mode…

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December 27

Dr. Hall is Retiring

Happy Retirement It’s a bittersweet time for Dr. Hall and Amelia as they are closing this chapter of their life and moving on to do the things they once loved but didn’t have time to do. They spent countless hours treating and caring for patients that they now consider “friends”. It’s not easy to say…

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Dean Team Cancer Walk

December 27

October Breast Cancer Walk

Supporting Local Events Each year as a local business and dental practice in Harrisonburg we like to choose some local events to support and participate in. We can’t support every local happening, but one of our favorite events to participate in is the Race to Beat Breast Cancer 5K Run/ Walk hosted by the Harrisonburg…

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